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Floating Dock Systems

Sunrise is a major supplier of freshwater floating dock systems to Lake Communities, Lake Clubs, Municipal Marinas, Yacht Clubs, and Private Lake communities located in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Floating Dock Systems are modular for fast and easy annual dock installation, and quickly disconnect and stack for simplified dock winter storage. Our interchangeable floats support an efficient dock building assembly process, and are made with top quality, durable materials and choice dock decking materials for all budgets. Corrosion fighting stainless steel hex fasteners are used for bright appearance and long life.

Sunrise provides optional floating dock installation and removal services, hands-on experience with real world familiarity so we may apply the most efficient design and construction methods for frequent handling during dock-building seasons. Quick connecting fittings, easy stack-ability, and interchangeable sections with universal connector ports are standards for new construction.

Natural or synthetic decking and float materials that are environmentally friendly are used at all times.

Sunrise custom designed and constructed Water Stairs are simply the best product for safe and easy egress to and from your swim! Your residents and guests deserve the safest and most comfortable facilities available.Our stairs fold up to facilitate easy storage.

Floating Dock Solutions

  • Large freshwater Multi-Dock Systems
  • Design and custom Dock-Building Services
  • Modular Dock Systems
  • Custom Dock design and construction
  • Custom Water Stairs for safest water egress
Floating Dock System Water Stairs Water Stairs