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General Excavation

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Sunrise has been digging for over 30 years. Whether your need is for a general excavating purpose, new construction excavating, trench excavating, or septic field excavating, we have the experience to plan and attack your dig safely, cleanly, and efficiently.

Excavation Services

  • Foundation Excavating
  • Trench Excavating
  • Septic System Excavating
  • Retaining Wall Excavating
  • Stump Removal
  • Foundation Repair Excavating
  • Broken Pipe Excavating
  • Drainage Excavating
  • Small Project Excavating
  • Screened Topsoil — ready for delivery
  • Soil Screening on your site

How we treat your site is a top priority. Our goal with every project is minimal site impact. This means using tarps when appropriate for maximum site cleanliness management. Water spray downs, broom sweeping, raking and grading are as much a part of our process as digging.