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Sunrise Environmental Promotes “Cleaner & “Greener” energy efficiency with Ductless Mini-Split

What is a Mini-Split?

Heating and cooling systems that are a very-efficient, eco-friendly, and cheap method to heat and cool your home or office.

As the name implies, Ductless Mini-Splits deliver warm and cool air to specific zones of your home and/or business without using a duct system for air transfer.  No ductwork eliminates ductwork air leaks which can account for significant energy losses and inadequate temperature control.  Why pay for energy that is not being used?  Would we fix a leaky gas tank?  Of course; so why pay for leaky heating and cooling?  The technology is not new, having been used throughout Europe and the world for decades, and is now becoming increasingly popular in America.  This solution requires less energy for heating and cooling because warm and cool air is extracted and moved, rather than created, as in electric baseboard. 

Here is how it works:  The remote controlled Mini-Split is mounted indoors on the wall of the room, then tubing is run through the wall to an outdoor compressor, which circulates refrigerant and extracts warmth from cold outside air (yes it does), then transfers it to the indoor Mini-Split which distributes the air.  For cooling, warm inside air is moved outside.  Sunrise carries a full line of ENERGY STAR rated Mini-Split Heat Pumps, certified as efficient and safe for whole home heating and cooling. Ideal home or office uses are in additions, problem rooms that are exposed on 3 sides, rooms that need temperature balance, and many other applications.

For more information from ENERGY STAR, visit their Ductless Heating & Cooling for Consumers page.

Key Benefits

  1. No ductwork eliminates leaks, saving money.
  2. Variable Speed control uses energy on demand – Reduces power consumption
  3. Exact control, eliminate widely varying temperatures from room to room
  4. Reduced energy cost because warm/cool air is extracted, not created
  5. Stable temperatures for comfort
  6. Quiet operation
  7. Flexible Installations

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