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About Sunrise Environmental Services, Inc.

Scott and Pete

We all love a pristine environment. The owner-operators of Sunrise Environmental Service live on the cleanest lake in New Jersey, and we want to keep it that way! Our personal culture of environmental protection extends way beyond our shores as we help construct environmentally safe septic systems, ferret out old leaky hidden buried oil tanks, repair septic systems, and remediate contaminated soil in the Tri-State area.

A natural extension of our environmental commitment is the addition of a product line of environmentally conscious Heating and Cooling Systems, as well as solar energy power generation. We also manufacture fresh water Floating Dock Systems that feature our Water Stairs steps for easy and very safe exit and entry for persons of all ages.

Sunrise Environmental Services is committed to serving your needs, rapidly, responsibly, and effectively. The early stages of your project are an optimum time to call us for a consult. We are most willing to guide you through the process, or provide full management service based on your unique needs.

– Scott & Pete

The Sunrise Customer Pledge

Our company works hard to continue improving our product and service. Our goal is to deliver the best products and services, and make your experience simple and easy.

The Details

  • To return your call promptly
  • Respond quickly to your site visit request
  • Provide written estimates with appropriate detail
  • Approach your project by listening to your individual needs
  • Leave finished job sites in fine order